Wong Design’s Newest TwoSun Knife is the Little Crocodile

TwoSun’s incredibly prolific output is continuing unabated, showcasing knives from a cavalcade of designers, some well-known, others less so. An up-and-coming name in their roster is Wong Design, whose latest TwoSun knife, the Little Crocodile, is set to release soon.

The Little Crocodile is a highly stylized EDC knife, a design philosophy that’s in line with other Wong Design releases from TwoSun, like the TS189. The blade shape is a drop point – not overly long in itself, but paired to an extended choil that users can choke up on for extra control. And in general, this is a knife spec’d for everyday chores, with a broad profile and adequate stock lending it the capability to flex into heavier chores if called upon to do so.

We’ve seen TwoSun blades made from steels at wildly varying price and performance points. The Little Crocodile has a blade made out of 14C28N, an even-keeled stainless that boasts balanced characteristics across the board, even if it doesn’t quite make it into the “super steel” tier of steels. Two opening methods are present on the Little Crocodile. Users can flick it open with the oversized, ambidextrous thumb stud, or roll it out with the front flipper tab. Lockup is achieved with a steel insert-sporting titanium frame lock.

On the Little Crocodile, as has been the case with other TwoSun releases, we’re seeing high-end handle materials mated to humbler blade steel. Both of the handle scales are made from stonewashed titanium with inlays, and the sinuous sculpted pocket clip is also titanium. The handle profile itself consists of three largish finger grooves, defined enough to provide indexing and traction but not so pronounced as to inhibit improvisation when it comes to the grip.

Wong Design is almost as prolific as TwoSun itself, and has been quietly rolling out a series of knives through that company and elsewhere. He has already shown off other designs that are coming out through TwoSun, and is working with another newcomer to the production knife arena, Honch (about which there is currently little to no information).

The Little Crocodile will be available soon through TwoSun’s official eBay presence, which is currently the best way to get their products.

Knife in Featured Image: TwoSun Little Crocodile