Böker Adds Kyoto to Corral of Streamlined Flipper Knives

Another slender, stylish EDC is joining the Böker lineup. The Kyoto is the latest release from the German company that plays with the gentleman’s folder concept in modern, trendy ways.

But despite its modern stylings, the Kyoto, as you probably gleaned from its name, takes inspiration from historical Japanese bladecraft – specifically in the slim, symmetrical handle design, which echoes historical precedents as well as other Japanese-inspired designs like the Kwaiken. Interestingly, though, the blade appears to be very much in the Western tradition, with a symmetrical spear point shape. At 3.46 inches long, it toes the line between dedicated EDC and something that can flex into a wider range of chores – but given its narrow width and thin stock, medium-weight chores are probably the upper limit of what this knife is designed to accomplish.

The blade steel is D2 yet again. Multiple releases in Böker’s lineup this year indicate that the company is intent on adding this semi stainless to their corral of Böker Plus steel standbys. D2 is rapidly approaching 8Cr13MoV/AUS-8 levels of familiarity with the general knife-using populace, but just to recap: it brings above average edge retention to the budget knife arena, while not quite attaining full stainless steel status.

Although the Kyoto is not a Kansei Matsuno design, it does resemble his Boker collabs like the Nori in its symmetrical handle design. This is a neutral shape that lets the user decide precisely how to hold it. Contoured G-10 scales let this slim little liner lock flipper fill the hand to a degree, and the lack of full liners means the Kyoto is nice and lightweight at 2.15 oz. A sculpted titanium clip is undoubtedly the most luxe touch on this knife. Somewhat torpedo-shaped, it sits in a shallow channel cut into the back scale and is unfortunately not reversible.

The Kyoto is available now. Like most entries in the Böker Plus series, it hits a sub-$100 price point.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Kyoto