Limited Edition 0562 Kicks off ZT’s Revamped Special Factory Series

There’s a new limited edition Zero Tolerance model available, the 0562BLGRY. This unique variation of the classic Rick Hinderer production collab initiates a new era of special runs from the company.

The base 0562 is a well-known model, a modern classic in the hard use EDC genre. It followed in the footsteps of the ZT 0560, a knife that made enormous waves, and helped start the titanium frame lock flipper craze that dominated the high-end production scene for many years. That knife was very large; the 0562 scaled things down a bit, with a blade length of 3.5 inches compared to the 560’s 3.75. It kept the same broad, drop point blade shape, but emphasized cutting power with a true Hinderer “slicer” geometry. Like its bigger brother, the 562’s blade rode on KVT ball bearing pivot – still a big selling point at the time the knife debuted.

The ergonomics differed from the more neutral handles of the 0560 and 0550, with three major finger grooves locating the user’s fingers in a precise grip orientation. The off-side titanium locking scale was slab cut, not 3D-contoured, but with a chamfer running around the perimeter. The pocket clip was both loop over and deep carry – unusual traits in a clip for a knife this size. And as we expected from the man who helped bring the format into the mainstream, the 0562 had a titanium frame lock, equipped with the Hinderer overtravel stop.

All of these details remain in place on the BLGRY. As with KAI’s previous limited edition models, under both the ZT and Kershaw brands, the changes here are in the materials. Blue carbon fiber replaces the titanium or monochrome CF ones on the standard model, and the blade steel is now CPM-20CV. The blade and the titanium scale are both sporting a gray PVD coating to create a unified look across the knife from tip to tail.

The BLGRY is the first limited edition ZT knife in many a month. The company says that the BLGRY is the first in what they are now calling the Special Factory Series for ZT. The advent of the Special Factory Series follows the creation of a new Sprint Run line within the Kershaw brand earlier this year.

Knife in Featured Image: Zero Tolerance 0562BLGRY