TOPS Gives Seax Design New Life with Storm Vector

TOPS has just released the Storm Vector, the latest big, bad fixed blade from the Idaho Falls-based manufacturer. The Storm Vector takes the seax format and renovates it in ways both broadly modern and specific to TOPS.

The seax has seen a resurgence in popularity, both in folder and fixed blade formats. Its historical context is with various Saxon peoples, for whom it was a weapon and a tool, a short sword with an almost wharncliffe-like profile: all straight edge and a very low, very acute, point. The Storm Vector’s blade shape adheres to these classical precedents, although the tip somewhat elongated for added piercing capability. Historical examples of the seax range in size; for the Storm Vector TOPS aimed for outdoors practicality rather than outright martial applications, with a 12 inch blade length.

Stainless steels have become a much more visible part of TOPS’s lineup in recent years. However, and appropriately enough for this historically-inspired effort, they went back to their good old 1095 carbon. But the choice isn’t just a nod to accuracy: 1095 still competes with more up-to-date steels in in resiliency and toughness, two traits that are must haves for intense outdoors activities. And, this being a TOPS effort, we are getting a chunky blade stock (.250″ thick) to maximize those rugged qualities.

The ergonomics are where the Storm Vector deviates most notably from its historical inspiration, with a modern handle shape featuring two big finger grooves and a flared out pommel for stability. Users can even choke up on the forward choil for extra control. The Storm Vector’s scales are made from black G-10, with oversized blue G-10 liners underneath, and it comes with a Kydex sheath designed for dangler-style carry. Sheath and knife together weigh 32 oz.

The Storm Vector is another designer from TOPS’s CEO, Leo Espinoza. He has designed dozens of models for his company, including the recent Tac-Raze 2 folding straight razor.

Knife in Featured Image: TOPS Storm Vector