New Mini Osborne Joins the 940 Family

Benchmade has just revealed a brand new, long-awaited addition to the Warren Osborne 940 family. Meet the 945-1, a mini version of what might just be Benchmade’s most famous folder.

If you’re one of the many Benchmade fans who has wished for a mini Osborne over the years, you probably won’t be surprised by the specs on offer here. The 945-1’s blade measures 2.92 inches in length, which is about a half-inch reduction from its iconic bigger brother. The blade shape is, of course, Osborne’s famous reverse tanto, which blends a long straight cutting edge with a robust tip for a do-all EDC companion. The 940 itself is an EDC-style knife, but the shorter edge on offer here, in addition to being legal in more places, will give users a little more direct control over the blade. The steel is the 940 line standard S30V, but the 945-1’s blade has been given a black diamond-like coating – probably more for aesthetic than practical reasons, as S30V is highly corrosion resistant to begin with.

While the 945-1’s handle scales are made from G-10 like the 940-2‘s, the sculpting on the scales themselves echoes the original, aluminum 940’s lines, complete with the central ridge and faux arrowhead bolster. The 945 isn’t totally monochrome: there is a base layer of blue G-10 beneath the black, and a run of blue anodized standoffs create a second pop of color and allow for a flow-through construction. The 940 was already a very light knife, but the 945-1 shaves nearly an ounce off of its predecessor’s weight, tipping the scales at a mere 2.19 oz. Naturally the Axis lock is in play here and, in terms of carry, Benchmade has equipped the 945-1 with its split arrow clip out of the box. If you prefer something else, however, the company offers a full selection of replacement clips on its website.

The 945-1 is the latest release in Benchmade’s ongoing celebration of the 940 design, which turned 20 this year. There have been two titanium-handled limited editions, and a prior major expansion in the form of the 9400 automatic knife.

According to Benchmade, the 945-1 will be available by mid-to-late November, just ahead of the holiday season.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 945-1