GiantMouse Revamps Nimbus for the Fall

GiantMouse is bringing back the Nimbus folder in a new and improved V2 configuration. The Nimbus V2 comes to us sporting some subtle changes and enhancements that help it fit into the working EDC category it represents in the company’s lineup.

When the original Nimbus was released in the summer of ’18, it was the second knife in the company’s ACE series, a product line that prioritized quality, affordable creations. The ACE series has grown considerably since then, and now GiantMouse is returning to this founding member with two more years of manufacturing and design experience under their belt.

That being said, the changes are relatively minor. The blade shape, a wide drop point that bears the signs of both its creators – collaborators Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Ansø – in its stylish, just slightly quirky look, remains the same. However, GiantMouse is switching steels, moving from M390 on the original model to Elmax here – more or less a lateral move, as Elmax offers similar performance and is most definitely in the “super steel” category.

We see the same wedge-shaped opening hole, but the pivot system has been changed to phosphor bronze washers instead of bearings. Deployment should still be quite smooth (and get smoother over time), but washers are more resilient when it comes to wear and tear, and less susceptible to stray particles of dirt gumming up the works.

It’s in the ergonomic department that we’re seeing the biggest changes. The contouring of the Micarta handle scales has been significantly amplified, resulting in a more three-dimensional grip. Even with this seemingly thicker material, the Nimbus V2 is lighter than its predecessor, weighing 3.8 oz. compared to the original’s 4.1 oz. The deep carry wire pocket clip that V1 had is once again on offer here.

While the ACE line isn’t a budget series per se, it does aim to provide meaningful, quality offerings in the sub-$200 arena. And despite the changes made for V2, the price tag on the knife will remain the same at $175. It will be available to order tomorrow, Thursday October 22nd, at 9am PDT.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Nimbus V2