Real Steel Kicks off Sample Division with One-Off Rokots

Real Steel is continuing to diversify its offerings with the new Sample Division, which opens the doors to their prototyping process and gives customers a chance to get their hands on unique, pre-release variants of existing models.

Real Steel says that a part of their process when developing a product is to creates samples in various materials and configurations. “The Real Steel design team make a huge bunch of sample variants when we start designing a new product,” the company wrote in the reveal post on IG. “Of course they have to see samples of these before we all decide which to make and which not to make.”

The number of varieties can be far more numerous than those that end up making it all the way to production, and while the ones that do cross the finish line are the ones that RSK ultimately feels will be the most successful, they recognize the appeal of owning those that did not make the cut. “who is to say the variants that did not make it into production cannot find a home with a Real Steel fan or knife lover?” the post continued.

The Rokot is the first knife to release under the Sample Division banner, with six different variations available, all sporting different handle scales: red or blue G-10, natural or red Micarta, and stripped or dotted carbon fiber.

RSK has leaned into unusual projects in 2020. In addition to the Sample Division, they have created the Free line, custom options, and even a kitchen knife line in conjunction with Ostap Hel.

The Sample Division Rokots are available now. RSK has yet to reveal what the next knife in the series will be, but it looks like it will be dropping next month.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Sample Division Rokot