Mora Kitchen Line Expands with New Steak Knife Designs

Sweden’s most famous knife company, Mora, is back with a couple of new releases. They’ve quietly their line of kitchen cutlery with two new steak knife options.

For years, Mora has offered a small selection of kitchen cutlery alongside its more well-known outdoors offerings. Their culinary lineup currently includes a classic kitchen knife set, sharpening steel, a carving fork, and, most recently, these steak knives. Two version have been released, the revamped Classic and the Masur. The Classic, as the name would imply, follows the lines of the iconic traditional Mora fixed blades, with the same barrel handle and a 3.94-inch, puukko-esque blade shape. It is a very simple translation of Mora’s core approach into the food prep world.

Meanwhile, the Masur is more in line with conventional steak knives, and thus deviates quite a bit from the Classic in terms of visuals. Its blade shape can best be likened to a California clip, with a low, but upturned point and a very long angle running from that tip back up to the spine. The Masur’s blade is longer than its brother’s, measuring 4.72 inches long. And instead of the red-dyed birch that we see on the Classic, here the material of choice is natural curly birch. The ergonomics of both knives are similar, as is the stick tang construction.

Like Victorinox, Mora is a little reticent when it comes to sharing the steels they use on their knives. Both the Classic and the Masur’s blade steel is listed as “stainless,” which likely means 12C27N or 14C28N. In either case, the steel choice should be more than adequate for the limited scope of cutting chores the average steak knife is called upon to accomplish. Perhaps understandably, there are no carbon steel versions of these knives available at present – the carbon steel kitchen knife market is pretty niche, with B√∂ker being the only production company to take a stab at it recently.

Mora moves at its own pace in the knife world, separate from the more traditionally commercial calendars of other major players. The new steak knives follow three months after the Eldris LightDuty, the company’s last big release.

Knife in Featured Image: Mora Steak Knife Masur