Work Sharp Refines Ken Onion Sharpener for New for 2024 Mk. 2 Model

This week saw Work Sharp release an overhauled version of their popular Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener. The Mk. 2 brings lots of adjustments, big and small, to the blueprint established by the proven original.

As befits a tool made in partnership with one of the world’s most high profile custom knife makers, the Onion Mk. 2 is designed to be an enthusiast-approved take on the electric, compact, tabletop belt-sharpener concept – a genre of sharpener that Work Sharp has always shown an interest in. Like its predecessor, the Onion Mk. 2 comes in two different product tiers, standard and elite; both versions come with the core motorized sharpening system, to which many notable changes have been made.

The buttons on the handle give users a lot of control over the motor speed

The actual ergonomics of the Onion Mk. 2’s handle have been revised to be more comfortable. However, the real big changes are the ones made to the sharpening motor and how it is controlled. A suite of buttons just forward of the grip area allows users to adjust the speed of the motor on the fly, set it to hold steady without needing to hold down the trigger underneath, and even kill the motor quickly if need be. The leather-covered guides, designed to hold your knife in steady relation to the belt, can be adjusted by half-degrees from 15 all the way to 30. In other words, all elements that play into consistency – an important aspect of knife sharpening – have been improved here.

If you get the Elite Edition of the Onion Mk. 2, you will also receive the blade grinding attachment. This component builds on the capabilities of the standard sharpening module, allowing for full-on regrinds and reprofiling, as well as the more nuanced process of free-hand sharpening and convex-grinding. To that end, there’s now a three-mode adjustment pulley that configures the belt for low, medium, and high convex edges depending on the size of the blade on the belts. The general belt angle adjustment knob has been redesigned for easier visibility and, like the guides on the standard grinder, can be adjusted from 15 to 30 degrees.

The first production batch of the Ken Onion Mk. 2s arrived yesterday, both standard and Elite versions. In addition to coming with the Blade Grinding Attachment out of the box, each of the Elites in the 500-piece first production run are also signed by Onion himself.

Featured Image: Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener Mk. 2

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