Mini Cyborg Jack Brings “Futuro-Traditional” Look Back for 2024

The latest Jack Wolf Knife arrived today, and it’s a big one – or rather, a brand new little one. The company is dropping the Mini Cyborg Jack, a slightly shrunk version of future-infused traditional model from 2022.

The full-size Cyborg Jack hit shelves in the fall of that year. At heart, like the rest of the blades on offer in the Jack Wolf catalog, the Cyborg Jack was a traditional slipjoint at heart, rendered in very modern materials. But designer Benjamin Belkin went a step further with the Cyborg, departing from traditional knife handle patterns entirely to create something with a distinctly modern visual language. In effect, the Cyborg Jack did with its visuals what every Jack Wolf Knife does with its construction: blend the old with the new in interesting EDC-friendly ways.

The full lineup of Mini Cyborg Jack varieties

Compared to its progenitor, the Mini Cyborg Jack reduces blade length by about a third of an inch; the official measurement for its S90V clip point is listed at 2.69 inches. You never know how much smaller a “Mini” version of an existing knife will be, but the Mini Cyborg Jack is a very mild reduction, minor enough that it really shouldn’t lose out on any functionality compared to its bigger brother. The smaller size will simply appeal to certain users more than the full-size flavor – and naturally, any Jack Wolf collectors out there will want to add it to their collection for completion’s sake alone.

The Mini Cyborg Jack retains the ‘angled arc’ handle shape of its predecessor too, just a bit smaller here. In typical Jack Wolf fashion there are multiple high-end options to choose between for the scale material; in lieu of a KnifeNews orange option our favorite has to be the pink Kirinite flavor: the compelling brightness of the material stands out against the black anodization on the titanium frame and the black-coated blade.

The Mini Cyborg Jack is available through authorized dealers right now.

Knife in Featured Image: Jack Wolf Knives Mini Cyborg Jack

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