Jack Wolf Knives Brings Future into the Past with Cyborg Jack

Jack Wolf Knives is moving from horror to science fiction with its follow-up release to October’s Vampire Jack. Meet the Cyborg Jack, a slipjoint that spices up traditional visual elements with futuristic angles and hi-tech flourishes.

Last month we talked to Jack Wolf Knives founder Benjamin Belkin about his label, which is centered around the idea of the enduring, timeless usefulness of historical slipjoint design. He brings that usefulness to the forefront, revisiting these classics, adding his own twist, and dressing them up with the flashy materials of the high-end modern folder market. The Vampire Jack, for instance, came with M390 blade steel and various flavors of carbon fiber for the covers.

The goodies that come with each Cyborg Jack

The Cyborg Jack falls right in line with that ethos. As the name would imply, this is a single blade, non-locking EDC knife; the star of the show here is the blade, which is a sort of trailing point or muskrat clip measuring 3 inches long. In that October interview Belkin shared with us his love for super slicey flat grinds, and such a grind is present on the Cyborg jack as well. In combination with the returning M390 steel, the Cyborg Jack will eat its way through a lot of daily chores before it needs much of a touch-up.

The Cyborg Jack’s handle is humpbacked, but the crook upward is done entirely with hard angles, giving it a visual twist in comparison to its traditional inspirations. And, of course, that’s without taking into account the double bolster’d titanium frame and suite of Micarta and carbon fiber for cover options – including a Toxic Storm Fat Carbon variant with a bright, neon cyberpunk hue.

The Cyborg Jack is going up with dealers at 2pm EST on Friday, November 18th. Like all Jack Wolf Knives these are coming out in a limited batch, never to be repeated in these exact variations.

Knife in Featured Image: Jack Wolf Knives Cyborg Jack

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