TOPS Tac-Rake Takes Aim at Beard Grooming Market

TOPS is expanding its repertoire with today’s release, the Tac-Rake. This one takes inspiration from a TOPS folding knife but brings it back as a fixed “blade” beard comb.

The Tac-Rake, obviously, is not a knife, but this is nonetheless KnifeNews, so you’ll forgive us for referring to the comb-head as the “blade,” at least for descriptive purposes. It has large (but not sharp!) teeth but a relatively compact overall form factor. Designed for everyday carry and on-the-go beardscaping, the Tac-Rake looks like ready to withstand the dense foliage and knotty growths of even the gnarliest of beards. We’re thinking that rust isn’t going to be a huge job hazard for the Tac-Rake, but regardless it’s coated anyway, which looks cool on top of any added practical concerns.

The sheath is simple, with a loop over snap top

Tan Canvas Micarta scales envelope the underlying knife frame and provide a full four finger grip setup – it looks pretty maneuverable, especially when you take into account the forward choil beneath the comb teeth. The Tac-Rake is akin to a fixed blade, and thus carries like one in a leather sheath – one without a belt loop, by the way, but that shouldn’t be too surprising because we’ve yet to encounter a situation where lightning fast one-hand access to your beard comb has been necessary.

If this one looks familiar, it’s because the overall profile is based on TOPS Tac-Raze, a pair of folding straight razor model.

The Tac-Rake is available now.

Comb in Featured Image: TOPS Tac-Rake

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