Zero Tolerance Brings WWII-Inspired Folder to Blade

Zero Tolerance is bringing out the 0223, a new flipper knife from designer Tim Gaylean. The 0223 is a titanium frame lock flipper that takes inspiration from World War II-era fixed blades.

ZT didn’t name any names in its reveal of the 0223 but it’s clear the knife is an homage to the classic fighting fixed blades carried by U.S. servicemen in WWII. The visual cues on the 0223 connect it to its fixed blade inspiration. The corrugated G-10 onlay is meant to mimic the ridges of a stacked leather handle, while the the clip point blade’s oval cutout corresponds to the large fuller on the original. The 0223 has been hit with an appropriately functional color scheme of black and brown, and accented with some flat top jimping and aesthetic perforations at the base of the blade.

For all of its visual callbacks, this is still a modern ZT flipper knife, and it packs in the expected features of such a product. The 3.5-inch clip point blade flips out on KVT bearings and is made from CPM-20CV steel. Other than the G-10 section the frame is made from titanium, with a steel insert on the contact point. Ergonomically the 0223 keeps things simple with a linear handle and a single large finger groove under the pivot.

Zero Tolerance revealed the 0223 the evening before Blade Show begins, although by this point makers, collectors, and other fans have all convened in Atlanta in preparation for tomorrow. Stay tuned for for coverage of any other ZT releases, as well as the new products from other makers.

Knife in Featured Image: Zero Tolerance 0223