ZU Bladeworx Shrapnel Voted Best New Tactical Fixed Blade 2018

Presented by: Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners

We are pleased to announce that the ZU Bladeworx Shrapnel is the KnifeNews Readers’ Choice for Best New Tactical Fixed Blade 2018. The Shrapnel was a write-in nominee and managed to take the big prize against some very stiff competition: the Benchmade Infidel fixed blade, CRKT SiWi, and the TOPS Operator 7.

The word “tactical” means a lot of different things in the knife world. Many associate with self-defense or specialized martial uses; for some old school makers it simply means any knife that has modern contrivances: one hand opening, a pocket clip, modern synthetic materials. The team at ZU Bladeworx took the term at face value and produced a striking, streamlined take on a fighting knife. The Shrapnel is purpose built for tactical applications, and every design decision has been made with that goal in mind.

Work Sharp

In the folder world, small but stout folders have become a bit of a trend. In some ways, the Shrapnel takes that same “small but strong philosophy” and applies it to a fixed blade pattern. Originally conceived as a clearing knife for the Australian Defence Force, the Shrapnel blends a compact build with rugged construction. “ZU Bladworx is a registered vendor to the Australian Defence Forces,” says Matt from ZU Bladeworx. “The Shrapnel was developed by a request from members in the Australian Army as a suitable tool to compliment the Australian Army Combatives Program.”  Its blade is made from A2 tool steel, which brings a suitable mix of edge retention and toughness to the table – performance attributes that are further increased by an intelligent grind that thins out its double-sided cutting edges while reinforcing the acute tip.

The Shrapnel probably won’t find its way into many day-to-day EDC roles, but it combines an everyday slicer’s edge geometry with the heightened durability of a bigger knife. Ergonomically the knife keeps things simple. The full tang handle terminates in a finger ring, and is skeletonized with a series of holes lighten this slender blade even further – the whole package comes in at just 3.3 oz.

ZU Bladeworx is a knife company in Australia. Located in Queensland, ZU has been accruing fans with a string of Australian-made fixed blade releases. The Shrapnel itself will be expanded with a tanto version soon.

Visit KnifeNews.com tomorrow to find out the winner of the KnifeNews Readers’ Choice Award for Best New Fixed Blade for EDC 2018.


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