Amare Knives Comes Back with the Coloso

Amare Knives, the new brand founded and spearheaded by Uli Hennicke, is going in a very different direction with its first 2019 release. The Amare Coloso lives up to its name, providing users with the biggest, heaviest folder in the fledgling knife company’s lineup.

The first Amare designs to roll out were very much in line with Hennicke’s recent collaboration work: clean lines, agile drop point blades, and a general streamlined appearance. Compared to those knives the Coloso is a complete 180. It packs a decidedly massive and broad 3.9-inch harpoon blade made from resilient and hard-working D2 blade steel. “[It] is a big, oversized, no-nonsense working folder,” Hennicke says. Working with manufacturer Real Steel, Hennicke outfitted the Coloso with all the ‘hard user’ fixings: G-10 over steel liners, a large pivot pin, and a durable clip that shouldn’t dig into users’ hands during cutting chores.

In other words, the details have been attended to, but Hennicke is also first to point out that practicality wasn’t the only concern he had in mind when designing the Coloso. “It is more of a ‘YES I want it,’ than a ‘You need this’ cutting tool/folder. Prepared for hard work and also just for those who love this kind of folder.” Hennicke’s work on more streamlined designs like the Kizer T1 helped him dial in the visual appeal of this big knife. “I personally like the nice lines in the closed and in the opened position, it is pure harmony.”

And he tells us that if the Coloso resonates with the end user, there may be other larger-than-life type releases. “If the Coloso becomes a success, it might be good to bring something else in this direction,” Hennicke tells us. “We have quite a few models for such a young brand as we are.”

Hennicke is driven to make sure his fledgling company, less than a year old, proves itself. Adventurousness and the willingness to experiment should help the company gain followers. “We plan to establish Amare Knives in the knife world with our innovative mechanics and great designs.” He says the Coloso is part of the game plan, but that even more models will follow in 2019. “Also we are testing and prototyping a frame lock backpack folder,” he says. “This will be great.”

Knife in Featured image: Amare Knives Coloso