BRS Discusses the Apache Folder, Talks 2019 Plans

Bladerunners Systems recently put out the latest in its E-Volve series of folding knives, the Apache. The project was teased last winter and now the new EDC-ready blade is making its way into users’ hands.

BRS positions the Apache as a go-to, all-purpose cutter. “We designed it for general EDC, and think it’s a really strong entry in that field,” says company Co-Founder Ed Anthonis. The Apache’s 2.75-inch blade maximizes its cutting potential with a long, continuous belly mated to a comfortable handle that opts for simplicity. On the material front, BRS chose S35VN steel and a 3D-machined titanium handle with a herringbone textured milled into it. The Apache is a flipper knife that rides on ball bearings, and its frame lock bar benefits from the addition of a steel insert as well.

Perhaps the most eye-catching feature on the Apache is its large, anodized turbine pivot collar. Not only is it an attractive visual flourish, but according to Anthonis it provides the pivot with an anti-rotational property, keeping it in place longer. He tell us that BRS pushes the look of their products as far as they can without compromising functionality, to the point that the former actually enhances the latter. “What users get in hand always carries forward our ethos of form and functionality coming together.”

When BRS announced its intentions of breaking into the folding knife sector, they came out swinging with multiple products designed to appeal to knife nerds as well as their core audience of balisong users. Naturally customers wondered how the attempt to straddle that boundary would play out. Anthonis tells us that the project has been a success so far on both fronts. “It was a perfectly serviceable project, and continues to gain momentum and traction with knife guys. Our core audience likes our product orientation and many have checked the folders out .”

Given the positive response so far, BRS’s plans for 2019 include more folders. There are the forthcoming collaborations with the likes of Gavko, which are well on their way to hitting shelves. And although there is no intention of introducing budget models into the line, eventually the E-Volve series will encompass a few more price points, too. “We do have plans for products that will fall below $150, but will stay ‘premium?’ Of course they will,” says Anthonis.

2019 will be all about putting the pedal to the metal. Anthois confirms that the high-speed output will include balisongs. “We’re working on some balisongs nobody’s even seen yet,” he says. “It’s a very aggressive production schedule.”

Knife in Featured image: Bladerunners Systems E-Volve Apache

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