Spyderco Releases First 2019 Product Reveal

Spyderco has just released its first 2019 Product Reveal. The new products include a lightweight model of the Para 3, an Endura 4 Wharncliffe, and a new flipper knife from Paul Alexander.

This is the first of what we expect will be several Reveals throughout the year, in keeping with Spyderco’s new product reveal procedure. When the company switched to this strategy late last year, they said they hoped to keep the window between the reveal of a new knife and its actual availability for purchase as short as possible.

Para 3 LW
Spyderco’s popular Para 3 is getting a lightweight configuration for 2019. The obvious difference between this knife and the original is the FRN handle scales. They feature the same texturing we first saw on the Chaparral FRN. Except for the embedded leaf of the Compression Lock, the Para LW is totally linerless – bringing weight down to 2.4 oz.

But the changes don’t stop there. Spyderco equipped the Para 3 with its well-regarded deep carry wire clip, and changed the steel from S30V to nitrogen-enriched CTS-BD1N. This makes the Para 3 LW a substantially different knife than its predecessor, and a cheaper one; compared to the standard Para 3, the LW model comes is $65 cheaper, with an MSRP of $140.

Paul Alexander reeled in accolades for a series of strong collaborations like the Ouroboros and Sliverax. Now he’s back again with the Ikuchi, a slim, Japanese-inspired knife, named after a slim, serpentine sea yokai. Alexander is a mechanical engineer, and the challenge he took upon himself with the Ikuchi was to ensure its entire 3.18-inch S30V blade would be hidden within the handle when the knife was closed. He achieved this, and even made sure the (non-functioning) Spyderco Round Hole lined up with a cutout in the handle for extra style points. A rounded, inline flipper tab is the opening method of choice on this knife.

Endura 4 Wharncliffe
A few years ago Spyderco took inspiration from one of its forum users and created the Delica 4 Wharncliffe. Unsurprisingly, conversation about an Endura Wharncliffe immediately began, and Spyderco made no secret of the fact that they were working on it. Now that it’s here we can report that the Endura 4 Wharncliffe, unsurprisingly, brings the wide-ranging competent cutting power of the Spyderco/Jazz Wharncliffe into a larger size class. Made from the standard VG-10 steel, the Endura 4 Wharncliffe comes in serrated or plain edge variations and only – for now – in black FRN.

Gauntlet Sharpener
Spyderco is bolstering their catalog of sharpening solutions with the Gauntlet, which is designed to be intuitive, simple, safe, and capable. The name comes from the looping, injection-molded handguard that should protect users’ hands from mistrokes and dropped blades. The Gauntlet can be had in a Select configuration, which includes a pair of all-purpose ceramic rods, or a Premium version which adds in Cubic Boron Nitride rods for more advanced maintenance.

Other Line Expansions
Besides these four headliners, a few other models were shown in the Product Reveal. The Efficient line is expanding with a black oxide-coated model, and the V-Toku2 Sprint Run collection grows with the addition of a Meerkat, complete with matching blue handle scales. Spyderco also included a trio of collaboration Native 5s produced exclusively for Abel Reels. These exclusives feature LC200N blade steel and aluminum scales anodized in three different version, each mimicking the look of different fish scales: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Bonefish.

Knife in Featured image: Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight

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