Another GiantMouse Vanadis 4E Limited Edition Lands Today

GiantMouse dropped another limited edition rerelease of an existing model today. This time the Jutland has been reincarnated with new scales and, more importantly, an upgraded steel in the form of current GiantMouse fave Vanadis 4E.

We’ve covered a lot of the GiantMouse releases here at KnifeNews, but the Jutland is one that managed to slip by unreported, so here’s a quick precis: there’s a symbiotic relationship between GiantMouse’s ongoing production line, ACE, and their GM series of high-end, limited edition knives. There has been multiple times when a GM line piece gets translated into the ACE lineup, and the Jutland is one suchg knife. It takes its piratical trailing point blade shape and sinuous profile from the GM8, but is dressed in the standard Micarta/Elmax material combo of many ACE pieces.

The backspacer is a contrasting gold color

Now the Jutland, like the Atelier before it last month, is getting a limited edition release with its own color scheme. Deep brown burlap Micarta scales replace the canvas options on the original; all the hardware, including the wire pocket clip, has been given a black coating to compliment the handle’s rich hues. For whatever reason, this Jutland is a bit heavier than the standard models, coming in at 4.4 oz. compared to 3.9 oz.

The big change of note, however, is the blade steel, changed from Elmax to Vanadis 4E. This is the second appearance the unusual super steel has made at GiantMouse HQ, following its debut on the aforementioned Atelier. Vanadis 4E isn’t a household name in the super steel game, but it is an unqualified heavy hitter, a semi-stainless comparable to 4V; it’s ridiculously tough and holds its edge for a good long while on top of that. GiantMouse even addresses the major concern for Vanadis 4E, its stain resistance, by giving the blade here a PVD coating.

The Vanadis 4E Jutland is available now, and limited to just 500 pieces.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Vanadis 4E Jutland

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