Jack Wolf Laid Back Jack is Back, with New Steel and Scale Options

The next Jack Wolf Knives release will be the young shop’s first re-release. Jack Wolf is returning to the Laid Back Jack, bringing new handle materials and an updated blade steel to bear on this second run.

Jack Wolf hasn’t been around for all that long – founder Benjamin Belkin only kicked things off in 2021 – but it really hit the ground running, managing to roll out a new release just about every month. The Jack Wolf output has been so consistent, in fact, that you may know about the company but not recognize the Laid Back Jack, which was one of their earliest models – one that was even showed off in CAD drawings as a teaser before the company released anything at all.

Like many Jack Wolf products, the Laid Back originated in a staple traditional knife pattern – in this case, the swayback. It has the ever-popular wharncliffe blade (the traditional shape for the swayback chassis), here measuring 2.83 inches in length. That’s an appetizing specification for a daily carry, allowing for a flexible cutter that still keeps the small footprint that is one of the major draws of the traditional knife genre.

The full suite of Laid Back Jack handle options

The first run of the Laid Back Jack came in M390 steel, which was, at the time, the preferred steel over at Jack Wolf. However, in the intervening months the company began introducing S90V into their lineup, and that’s the steel on offer for run number two. S90V is a formidable super steel, one formulated to prioritize edge retention above anything else; in an EDC role that edge retention means the Laid Back Jack should be able to go long periods of time without needing much in the way of sharpening.

Meanwhile, the gamut of handle materials has been expanded over the first run. In lieu of Micarta scales, there will be two all titanium handle models (jigged or smooth), a Lava Flow Fatcarbon option, a rosewood variant, and last but not least a striking purple Kirinite Laid Back Jack. The Kirinite Laid Back Jack comes with a black DLC coated blade.

The Laid Back Jack will be available next Friday, August 18th, at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern time.

Knife in Featured Image: Jack Wolf Knives Laid Back Jack

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