Bestech Debuts Stylish but Affordable Eye of Ra Flipper

Bestech‘s newest design, the Eye of Ra, is on its way to market. The knife breaks away from the premium emphasis of the preceding 2020 releases for something that caters more towards entry level consumers.

The Eye of Ra’s blade shape is a racy, well-proportioned drop point which narrows to a very acute tip but still has enough width to give the edge a useful, but not extreme, curvature. The blade is satin finished and made from (you guessed it) D2 semi stainless. It opens solely via a ball bearing-powered flipper tab. As they did with the blade itself, Bestech stuck to the basics in terms of the flipper tab’s profile: it’s a linear, simple, squared-off number that works as a finger guard in the open position.

All it takes is a single glance to see that the distinguishing factor on the Eye of Ra is its handle design, where the meaning behind the name becomes evident. The materials are simple enough: G-10 over full length stainless steel liners. But the rounded G-10 scales have been given a large eye-shaped cutout through both the G-10 and steel layers. This may provide a slight weight savings but is, obviously, an aesthetic feature first and foremost. The eye on the Eye of Ra dominates its otherwise restrained handle design, which takes advantage of generally broad lines to avoid dictating how/where a user holds the knife.

All of these elements add up to a knife that, despite its imperious name, is ready to be put into the rigors of daily cutting jobs, but one that has elements of style to elevate it above the pure beater-type role that most budget knives used to occupy.

The Eye of Ra marks a minor shift in focus for Bestech in 2020. So far this year, the company has been emphatic about its collaborations with outside design talent, most recently what they’ve done with designer Grzegorz Grabarski AKA Kombou. Here, they are returning to the talent of their in-house team. Bestech hasn’t been as rigorous in the division between their budget and premium lines as some other companies, nor have they been as consistent in their releases in the lower end compared to the higher. In fact, the Eye of Ra is the first knife to debut in 2020 in that series.

Bestech says that the Eye of Ra will be available soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Eye of Ra