Böker Shows Off Slim and Trim Spillo

The Böker Plus Spillo is a new flipper release from the Solingen, Germany-based company. The Spillo sports some superlatively slender specs to cater to anyone in the market for a thin EDC knife.

The Spillo’s blade measures 3.15 inches long; and for the shape, Böker opted for a mild drop point with a cutting edge that runs mostly straight before curving very slightly up as it moves into the tip. The proportions and size situate the Spillo into pure EDC territory; light to medium cutting chores will be its main remit. The blade steel is VG-10, which puts the Spillo on the more premium – but still affordable – end of the spectrum within the Böker Plus lineup.

A subtly but significantly tweaked element that stands out on the Spillo is its flipper design. While situated in the typical region of the spine, the outward length as been dramatically reduced; only a very small area of the tab clears the liners for flipping. However, that tab is much wider than the standard designs, and textured from top to bottom; a ball bearing pivot further helps generate opening momentum. Once it the Spillo is opened, its tab is barely visibile, once again extending just far enough to provide a very mild finger guard.

The Spillo’s handle takes the concept of thinness from the blade and runs with it. Its overall shape is a minor arc, tapering town to an arrowhead-shaped back end. Other than a modified beak or hook created by that arrowhead, the handle is grip neutral. The full stainless steel liners stand proud from the G-10 scales, and a tip up pocket clip rides on the offside but is not reversible. The Spillo’s commitment to shrunken dimensions leads to a super svelte package: this knife weighs just 1.62 oz.

Böker’s schedule continues to be a busy one. In addition to a pair of new fixed blades, the Spillo heads up of a batch of folder releases. The Obscura, Legion, and Shade have all debuted recently. They sport similar construction and share some materials with the Spillo – although only the Shade matches it in terms of weight (albeit with a smaller blade length).

The Spillo is available now – in Europe at least. The price is 59.95 € – about 63.95 USD.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Plus Spillo