Bestech Releases Keep Coming with the Sledgehammer

The flurry of recent blades from Bestech continues with the release of the Sledgehammer, which takes the tanto blade shape into distinctly EDC-oriented territory.

The name “Sledgehammer” might conjure up visions of burly, hard-use, tactical folders – but the Bestech Sledgehammer seems best suited to more generalized everyday utility. Its 2.99-inch blade length lands right in that EDC zone, and the particular tanto blade shape here takes a page from Chris Reeve playbook, sporting a bit of curve to the main edge and thus widening its potential spectrum of applications. The secondary edge has a distinct snubnose quality to it, which looks a little less aggressive while still maintaining the rugged piercing capability that is key to the tanto.

The Sledgehammer’s blade is a bit of a departure from most renditions of the tanto

The blade itself is as bold as the Sledgehammer gets; the rest of the knife is quite subdued, all the way down to the deployment method. Bestech gave this one a simple thumb stud in lieu of a flipper and the blade steel is equally utilitarian, being the company’s go-to D2 semi-stainless.

A simple, rectangular, single finger groove-handle lets the Sledgehammer accommodate most any grip or hand size. Its scales come in either orange G-10 or one of three different flavors of Micarta: green, black, or beige. Full stainless steel liners hide under those scales, with the off-side scale being the liner lock mechanism. A loop over clip rounds out the package here, but is not reversible. The Sledgehammer weighs 3.56 oz.

This is the third release from Bestech in the last 30 days. At the end of April they dropped the Strelit, a wild design from Ostap Hel that infused the push dagger concept with a floral inspiration; they followed that up with the Lizard earlier this month. The latter, like the Sledgehammer, came from the in-house design team and has a sub-$100 price point.

The Sledgehammer is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Sledgehammer

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