Carter Cutlery’s First Folding Knife Slated for Release

Carter Cutlery is hard at work on its first folding knife design. Founder Murray Carter says that he and his team are working hard to ensure the final product performs on higher level than its competition.

Breaking into the folder market is no easy task, even for a name as renowned as Carter’s. However, he believes he has found the angle to make his mark in the field. “There’s an abundance of folding knives in the world, but one thing that’s sorely lacking are folders built around a blade designed for daily use and daily sharpening.” Carter envisions his folder as one that will stay in users’ collections and, most importantly, their pocket. “I want to go back to a folding knife that’s so functional people will own it long enough to wear the blade down.”

Carter is fine-tuning prototypes for the folder, but confirmed it will be a lock back knife, deployable with one hand but closable only with two. As with any Carter Cutlery product, the heart and soul of the folder will be its blade. “It will be sharper than the competition, hold an edge longer than the competition, and be easier to sharpen than the competition,” Carter says. “That’s the holy grail of knife performance.”

Blade steel will primarily be Hitachi White, a Japanese carbon steel renowned for its purity. The thought of a simple carbon steel competing with the best the modern knife world has to offer may seem far-fetched, but Carter says it will. He notes that the Carter Cutlery forging process makes this simple steel sing. “We use a very exacting procedure for forging which results in an ultra-fine grain structure. It’s like white canvas in the hands of a master painter – it can be turned into a work of art.” Some runs of the folders will be made from laminated blades with Hitachi Super Blue steel cores.

The Carter folder is developing on a ‘when it’s ready’ basis, but it could be available as early as the 2018 holiday season. In terms of pricing or number of pieces, much remains to be decided. In the initial stages the folder will remain a custom or semi-custom piece. “The goal is to produce as many as we can by hand without compromising the quality,” says Carter. He has, however, already settled on a lifetime warranty to pair with his lifetime folding knife. “If any of our customers ever wear out our folding knife from legitimate use, we will replace the blade for free.”

Knife featured in image:  Carter Cutlery Neck Knife