TRAK XL Leads the Charge for Line of Runner-Friendly Knives

The TRAK XL is the latest Kickstarter project from Gear on the Fly, a Boston-based maker of fixed blade tools for runners, hikers, and other adventurers. The TRAK XL is a larger version of the original TRAK, and will spearhead an entire line of runner-friendly knives in the days to come.

At its core the TRAK knife idea is for a portable titanium fixed blade capable of many different cutting roles and able to withstand many different environments. Gear on the Fly Kickstarted the first TRAK in 2016. Compared to the original, TRAK XL bumps things up by doubling the blade length to 2.2 inches, and expanding the retention hole cut into the frame to accommodate two fingers. The stock thickness is increased to 3/16” to aid in grip, but the knife can still easily be considered portable. It weighs just .7 ounces and is carried in a Kydex sheath, which can be worn around the neck or on the belt.

“The very first titanium TRAK knife was designed at the request of a scuba diver,” explains Gear on the Fly Founder Flavio Pellegrino. “He wanted a last ditch knife that was rust proof, light, and could be used in an emergency.” But Pellegrino sees the TRAK XL as a perfect option for runners to keep on their person as they exercise. He believes its simplicity and maintenance-free construction give it massive advantages over a folder for this role. “My belief is that a fixed blade knife can be deployed much quicker than a folder. Since the TRAK XL has no moving parts, requires no maintenance or oil, and requires very little effort to deploy, we feel it’s the perfect design for the intended customer.”

Standard TRAK XL models are made entirely from titanium, right down the edge. Titanium’s major advantages are its light weight and rust proof nature, but Pellegrino believes it can hold its own as a blade too, and to maximize its performance he carbidized the cutting edge. This means a layer of tungsten carbide is applied to the metal. Pellegrino says this treatment results in a degree of self-sharpening. “As the softer titanium wears away, more of the micro serrated tungsten carbide is exposed, resulting in a renewed edge.” An S35VN TRAK XL, with a secondary 1.25-inch edge, is also available for those interested in more conventional blade materials.



Each TRAK knife is currently produced in Gear on the Fly’s Boston, MA shop. Pellegrino tells us that while this model works for Kickstarter-scale projects, eventually he wants to create an entire line of runner-friendly knives. “Our TRAK and TRAK XL are just the first two models of an entire line of Runner’s knives we’re planning to release in the near future. We’re currently working on a production version to meet the demand.”

Knife featured in image: Gear on the Fly TRAK XL