Real Steel Expands S Series, Plans Upgrades to Budget Line

Real Steel Knives is putting the finishing touches on two new premium models, the Akuma and the Lynx. They continue RSK’s mission of developing their premium chops, but the company also made it clear that changes are in store for its core budget products.

The Akuma is large EDC folder with an understated aesthetic. Its slightly recurved drop point extends to 3.7 inches and will be made from a yet-to-be-determined premium steel. The simple titanium handle complements the sterile full flat ground blade, and has a cross-hatched pattern milled into it for grip. A back spacer runs nearly the entire length of the spine to help promote rigidity during use. Real Steel’s Jamie McKenna says that the Akuma, another Ivan Braginets design is a titanium frame lock for those in search of “a large and very reliable EDC knife with a powerful handle and a fairly long blade.”

Braginets hit on a different style with the Lynx. It falls into a similar size category as the Akuma, but plays in a more technical, modern space with its visuals. Countoured handles of G-10 or carbon fiber pair to a drop point blade, accentuated by an elongated cutout along its top. “I would describe [the Lynx] as a gentleman’s knife of medium size with a pronounced tactical component,” McKenna says. “The knife is a classic flipper with a very powerful and aggressive blade.” Even with its size, the Lynx’s narrow, short clip is designed to completely conceal the knife during carry. “When the knife is on your pocket, it creates the illusion that it is an ordinary ballpoint pen,” McKenna tells us.

Real Steel Lynx (Prototypes)

“What the knives will be made in has not been fully decided yet,” he continues. However, as entries in the S Series, both the Akuma and the Lynx will feature some premium flourishes. McKenna also revealed that Real Steel’s new emphasis on higher-end materials will even translate down to its more affordable releases in the future. The company intends to fine-tune their entry-level offerings to deliver more quality in that arena. “The end of this year will see us making another considerable effort to improve our budget line with more complex designs and materials but still staying in that same 50-70 USD realm,” McKenna confirms.

Knife featured in image: Real Steel Knives Akuma (Prototype)