Civivi Lines up Sequels to the Asticus and Appalachian Drifter

Keeping pace with a recent We Knife Co. reveal, Civivi is expanding both the Asticus and Appalachian Drifter lines with a pair of sequels.

Mini Asticus

The original Asticus was an early 2020 release, designed by the in-house Civivi team. It came across as a sort of Gent-like knife with its sharkish drop point and slim, letterboxed handle. But it distinguished itself from the Gent and the rest of the Civivi lineup with its overall size; it was one of the biggest folders in their lineup, with a 3.8-inch blade length.

The Mini Asticus is a by-the-books smaller sequel. It keeps the slick profile, but brings the blade length down to 3.25 inches. So this is definitely one of those situations where “mini” is very much a relative term, but the reduced footprint should make the Asticus an easier EDC without impacting performance relative to the original in most common EDC cutting chores.

Applachian Drifter II

Another 2020 model, the Appalachian Drifter was one of Civivi’s cracks at the modern traditional genre. It blended a classic jackknife look with modern materials and a flipper deployment – but even with that modern opening mechanism, it was a non-locking knife. The Appalachian Drifter II keeps the design and dimensions the same, but adds a liner lock under the hood. In terms of utility, the addition of a lock is probably more significant than a change in blade length or steel would have been. The Appalachian Drifter is one of three non-locking knives that Civivi has produced, and so far it is the only one to get a locking version.

These two knives follow a recent announcement showcasing the Seer, a new premium flipper under the main We Knives label. All three of these knives are new reveals in addition to the stuff we saw at Blade Show. Those models are slated for a release between July and December, but both the Mini Asticus and the Appalachian Drifter II are marked for an August release.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Appalachian Drifter II