Kombou Returns for First New 2021 Bestech Collab

Bestech has just revealed a new design from frequent collaborator Grzegorz Grabarski, AKA Kombou. This one is called the Nogard, and is a full-on premium release with a decadent handle and wild blade shape.

Maybe it’s just the the fact that “Nogard” is “dragon” backwards, but we definitely sense something draconic about the Nogard’s blade profile. Essentially a modified wharncliffe, the wide, almost snoutlike profile has an unmistakable lacertilian element to it. Lizard vibes aside, the Nogard’s blade geometry is designed for daily carry, with a curved cutting edge and functional tip to cover the usual EDC bases. The blade, in fact, was the major element that Kombou tweaked between the Nogard prototype and this final production release. Originally, it was a pretty strict intepretation of the wharncliffe, with a dead straight edge for its entire length.

The Nogard prototype (left) compared to the final version

The blade steel on offer, across all the handle variations, is M390. This one is quickly approaching S35VN and D2 levels of familiarity, but to keep it short and sweet, expect high edge retention and stain resistance, and a moderate sharpening challenge. You can open the Nogard with either its flipper tab or opening oval.

For as quirky as the Nogard’s blade is, the handle may very well steal the show. It has a distinct biomechanical look, with organic curves intermingling with hard, straight lines. The underlying framework of both scales is made from titanium, but large highlight portions of the front and back are made from a second material inlay. This material can be one of several varieties of marbled carbon fiber, or tan canvas Micarta. The frame lock is capped with the usual steel insert, and a couple of fancy flourishes round out the package here: you’ve got a sculpted titanium pocket clip, custom pivot hardware, and intricate, subtle texturing all across the exposed titanium sections.

Although many other designers have made contributions, Kombou is still the reigning champ of Bestech collaborations. His most recent Bestech release prior to the Norgard was the Samari, a comparatively slim blade that came in at the very tail end of 2020.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Nogard