ESEE Expands S35VN Lineup to Include Model 4

Another classic ESEE fixed blade is getting a variant made from powder metallurgy steel. The ESEE 4 will be made available in S35VN, just like the Xancudo fixed blade and the ESEE 3 before it.

One of ESEE’s big initiatives this year was the introduction of S35VN into their core catalog of hard use fixed blades. Back in January, they kicked off this initiative with an S35VN ESEE 3 and Xancudo fixed blade – the latter of which was an entirely new for 2020 model. Naturally, this decision allows users to better cater to their individual preferences in a cutting tool.

Now the ESEE 4 is getting inducted into this slowly growing line. The ESEE 4 is a mainstay in the company’s catalog. It takes the basic, utilitarian profile of the ESEE 3 and rejigs it for dedicated outdoor use. The rejigging is primarily in the blade, which grows by almost an inch to a length of 4.5 inches. The elongated cutting edge makes the drop point shape long and tough enough for outdoor chores: working with wood, hacking through underbrush, and otherwise slicing/chopping in the wilderness.

Previously, the ESEE 4’s bldae was made from either 1095 carbon, or 440C steel. 1095 is central to ESEE’s lineup; it’s a venerable carbon steel that holds its own in terms of edge retention. 440C is a basic stainless excelling in corrosion resistance and sharpenability, while turning in lower numbers in the edge retention metric. The transition to S35VN means a major boost in edge retention, and no meaningful loss in stain resistance. That means that it will likely be a worthy tradeoff for many users despite being somewhat harder to sharpen.

The ESEE 4’s handle, like the blade, showcases basic knife lines to their absolute best potential. A curving palm swell and suitably deep finger groove beneath the guard are the major ergonomic landmarks in play here. The S35VN ESEE 4 comes with options for flat or 3D contoured G-1 or Micarta scales, and a Kydex sheath.

This knife will be arriving with dealers shortly.

Knife in Featured Image: ESEE 4 in S35VN

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