Even More New Fixed Blades Coming out from Boker

Need some more outdoors knives? Good, because there’s a pair of ’em on the way from Boker. The Dasos and Lofos are two knives, in two different size classes, that spice up their outdoors knife fundamentals with some tactical elements.


If you stay in the knife world long enough, you’ll learn all sorts of linguistic trivia that non-knife people may never encounter. Like that ‘zancudo’ means ‘mosquito’ in Spanish, or ‘kifara’ means ‘rhino’ in Swahili. Just last week GiantMouse taught us how to say ‘hunt’ in Danish. Well, the Lofos and Dasos bring us some Greek tidbits, with ‘Lofos’ being the Greek word for ‘hill.’

We’re not sure what the connection between that word and this knife is, other than that the little Lofos would be a great companion knife for a day hike. It has an adorable but stout-looking little 2.36-inch drop point blade, made from D2. The handle’s two big scalloped areas lock in the first and middle fingers for a secure shorty grip, and the G-10 slab scales provide some extra traction. All in all a capable little fixie, the Lofos comes with a Kydex sheath that can be swiveled on its belt clip.


Of these two knives, the Dasos has more of the traditional outdoors knife look about it. It’s also the bigger brother of the line, with a blade length of 3.15 inches and a handle that is much longer in proportion. Without the tactical-ish scallops, the Dasos’s ergonomic profile reads more grip neutral, which makes sense given its larger size.

There’s also the Dasos 2.0, pictured here, which is not a different model than the standard Dasos; it just has brown scales

The added blade length gives the edge here more space to curve outward and upward, resulting in a belly-heavy cutting profile. The steel is still D2, a proven outdoor choice despite the fact that it is not categorized as a true stainless steel; a little care will go a long way with the hard working tool steel. The Dasos comes with the same rotatable belt clip sheath as the Lofos.

The Dasos should be available soon. The Lofos is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Plus Lofos and Dasos

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