February’s Jack Wolf Release is the Ergonomic Javelina Jack

Coming up next from Jack Wolf Knives is the Javelina Jack. Material-wise the Javelina Jack builds off of the precedent set by the Low Drag Jack, but we see those materials implemented in a design inspired by very different parts of the traditional knife canon.

Although very modern in terms of materials and construction, the blade and handle shape combos we see on Jack Wolf knife models are, almost always, drawn from historical slipjoint patterns. That’s certainly the case on the Javelina Jack, beginning with its blade, a type of sub-type of clip point known as a California Clip: compared to a standard issue clip, the profile is elongated, making the main edge straighter and the clipped tip clippier. The different geometry still excels in an everyday carry role, which brings the Javelina right in line with other Jack Wolf offerings.

The natural canvas Micarta version of the Javelina Jack

The last Jack Wolf release, the aforementioned Low Drag Jack, marked the first time S90V super steel entered the Jack Wolf lineup. That’s what the Javelina jack’s 2.83-inch blade is made from too, so edge retention will be very, very high; as we mentioned last month, S90V is still in the upper tier when it comes to performance amongst modern stainless powder metallurgy steels. Perhaps this goes without saying at this point but, as you can tell from a glance, the Javelina Jack opens with a traditional nail mark; it is also non-locking.

In terms of the handle profile, the pattern employed is another traditional knife classic, the dog leg; distinguished by its leg-like bend and rounded edges, here on the Javelina Jack the dog leg provides a roomy, comfortable grip. In the now-typical Jack Wolf fashion, buyers can choose between five different, luscious materials for the covers. There’s a natural Canvas Micarta option which is a little cheaper, and then two high end carbon fiber selections from both CamoCarbon and Fat Carbon.

The Javelina Jack is dropping next Friday, February 17th, at 2pm EST/11am Pacific with authorized dealers.

Knife in Featured Image: Jack Wolf Knives Javelina Jack

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