GiantMouse Tribeca is Back for Titanium Encore

The GiantMouse Tribeca, barely four months old, is getting a new variation already. The latest Tribeca comes in hot with full titanium scales, bringing it closer than ever to its GM line inspiration.

Quick refresher course: the Tribeca first hit the scene in April, a fresh model that was also the first knife in the GiantMouse lineup to be made from MagnaCut, the super popular super steel from Larrin Thomas of Knife Steel Nerds. Like all GiantMouse folders,the Tribeca was designed for EDC, with compact specs and the subdued but strong visual language that is a hallmark of GiantMouse’s designers, Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes.

In the GiantMouse catalog there is a shared lineage between the GM line – high-end, limited edition releases – and their more expansive, ongoing production ACE lineup; models from the former line inspire models in the latter; such was the case with the Tribeca, which built on the GM4, a long-discontinued small EDC piece. It wasn’t a one-to-one recreation, however, with adjustments to both blade size and ergonomics in addition to the material differences – but the lineage was clear to see.

Now, dressed in full titanium for this latest iteration, the Tribeca evokes memories of its limited edition forbear more than ever. The scales are not a performance-altering change, of course – in this case, they don’t even mean a swap from liner to frame lock, as is sometimes the case with full titanium knives. No, the titanium Tribeca is still a liner lock, and still, most importantly, has that MagnaCut blade. The new flavor is for cosmetics only.

The titanium Tribeca dropped last week, on National Knife Day – it’s available now.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Tribeca Titanium

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