Hinderer Knives Caps Off 2019 with New Fixed Blade Model

Rick Hinderer Knives is bringing the Ranch Harpoon Spanto as 2019 comes to a close. The Ranch Harpoon Spanto outfits the Ranch fixed blade model with a well-loved Hinderer-designed blade shape.

As the name implies, the Ranch exists as a hard-use, all-purpose outdoors fixed blade. This line expansion brings that same size class and ergonomic setup as the previous Ranch, but with a change to the blade shape. “Spanto” is a portmanteau of the words “Spear (point)” and “tanto.” It was meant to blend the slicing performance of a thinner grind with the resilience of a bulkier one. Thus a spanto blade has a secondary edge like an American tanto; the primary grind is thinner and more slice-capable while the secondary grind at the tip is thicker, beefing the knife up that portion of the knife for prying and piercing.

As a larger hard-use fixed blade, the Ranch Harpoon Spanto particularly benefits from the added strength. At 5.25 inches, its blade is long enough to give ample real estate to both the slicier and the beefier portions of the spanto grind. Hinderer chose to emphasize that reinforced piercing even further with the harpoon-style swedge, which routes more material still to the tip.

For the first run of this model, Hinderer has decked it out in Vintage Series trim: natural walnut handle scales and O-1 tool steel blade. The knife has been Parkerized to ward off corrosion as well. To complete the retro aesthetic Hinderer commissioned Amish-made leather sheaths for the Ranch Harpoon Spanto.

The release of the Ranch Harpoon Spanto continues the fixed blade focus at Hinderer. Their previous release was the LP-1 Wharnie, a much smaller, EDC-style fixed blade.

Hinderer says that the Ranch Harpoon Spanto will be arriving with dealers shortly. The price is set at $400.

Knife in Featured Image: Hinderer Knives Ranch Harpoon Spanto