Lanyard or No Lanyard? SURVEY RESULTS

KnifeNews Ultimate Folder Survey Results Part 3: Lanyard or No Lanyard?
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Today, two sides square off in the ring of paracord pig-tail opinion. Lanyard, or no lanyard? Do they give you more to hold on to, or something extra that gets in the way? Do they make retrieving a knife from your pocket easier? Or, can they catch on something and yank the knife out when you don’t want it? Do they make the knife easier to see, or just easier to show? Should lanyards be used on smaller folders to improve your grip?

The survey data indicates that for the vast majority of knife people, lanyards are not commonly used on our EDC folders, with a mere 7% saying they use them ‘always’ or ‘usually’. In contrast, nearly 2 out of 3 knife people say they ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ use a lanyard. On the other hand, at least 64% KnifeNews readers own at least one lanyard even though they don’t get to see a lot of pocket time.

Lanyard Use on Folders

Does this put an end to the Lanyard / No Lanyard debate? Not according to YouTubers SolosKnifeReviews and Kuttrs. Randy Johnson, a collector and talented knife modifier who posts on YouTube as SolosKnifeReviews, puts lanyards on most of his knives. “It really helps you pull it out [of your pocket], especially being that it’s colder here, and I wear gloves to work,” he said. “It just gives my hand something to grab onto.” Balisong flipper and YouTuber Kuttrs disagrees. Kuttrs gave lanyards a shot, but wasn’t impressed. “About a year ago I put a bunch of lanyards on my knives – I ended up cutting them all off,” he said. “They’re just annoying, they flop all over the place and get in the way of opening and closing the knife.”

Knife featured in image: Pro-Tech Les George ROCKEYE Auto LG161

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