Mikkel Willumsen Creates Button Lock EDC TAC for Kansept

Copenhagen’s Mikkel Willumsen is collaborating with Kansept Knives on the EDC TAC, a knife with new and unusual elements for both the designer and the manufacturer.

Willumsen is a prolific designer, with knives in just about every size class, but he does favor big blades, pronounced angles, and technical flourish. The EDC TAC definitely checks the ‘technical’ box, with a racy profile embellished with hard cuts, lots of jimping, and a dual material construction. However, the blade itself has been reigned in a bit compared to the average Willumsen design; it’s a simple 3.1-inch drop point, and as the knife’s name implies it seems intended to straddle the divide between everyday carry and backup tactical applications. The blade steel is S35VN, so you can expect solid performance in all the key areas: toughness, edge retention, and rust resistance.

The standout feature on the EDC TAC in relation to the rest of the Kansept lineup is that it is the first knife in their catalog with a button lock. This button lock works just like you’d expect it to: once the knife is open (either via a squareish flipper tab or thumb stud), depressing the button disengages the blade for closure.

The tactical, technical-looking handle is comprised both carbon fiber and titanium. Each scale is divided into two parts; which part is titanium and which part is carbon fiber depends on which of three versions you get. The premium elements continue with the 3D-sculpted titanium pocket clip. According to Kansept, all three variations have the same weight of 4.09 oz.

This is not the first time Willumsen has collaborated with Kansept. In fact, he was among the very first outside collaborators with the company, and drew up the HELLX for them last year.

Knife in Featured Image: Kansept EDC TAC