Real Steel Returns with Premium Version of the Stella

After several quiet months, Real Steel Knives is back, with a new variant of an existing model. Custom maker Jakub Wieczorkiewicz’s Stella slipjoint is getting a ritzy upgrade, with the expected upgrades to handle material and blade steel.

The Stella made its debut last fall. It was a follow-up to Wieczorkiewicz’s popular Luna model, with the same slipjoint construction, but a markedly different profile, sinuous and biomechanical where the Luna was linear, clean, and modern. These stylistic differences didn’t stop the Stella from falling into the same all-purpose role as its predecessor, with nearly all the EDC capabilities of modern locking folders for those who want or need them in a slipjoint knife.

Since its release in 2019, the Luna has been the subject of many different variations. The Stella did get a special run with Fat Carbon scales, but other than the model line has been pretty stable – until now.

The upgrades are pretty much what you’d expect if you’ve followed the production knife world for the last few years. The original Stella had VG-10 blade steel – a reliable performer in many ways; the Stella Premium’s blade is made from S35VN. We’ll forgo reiterating what you already know about this ubiquitous super steel, and just say that it’s hard not to see it as a straight upgrade over VG-10. The blade length of 2.95 inches and two-handed opening method remain the same on the Premium Stella, so it will do all the same cutting chores as its humbler predecessor – just a little better.

Gone also are the original Stella’s G-10 scales, replaced with full titanium ones. Unlike the blade upgrade, the choice of titanium here is one made for aesthetics, not performance; in fact, the Stella Premium is heavier than its predecessor, although with a weight of 2.1 oz. it’s still a featherweight carry. The same sculpted pocket clip remains, and is reversible to the opposite side, so the Stella Premium is 100% ambidextrous.

As mentioned above, the Luna line is quite expansive these days. And in general, variants and expansions seem like a key part of the RSK roadmap, so maybe this is the start of the Stella getting the same treatment.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Knives Stella Premium