Ostap Hel’s First Civivi Collaboration is a Kiridashi Slipjoint

Ostap Hel‘s latest collaboration is also his first release with Civivi. It’s called the Ki-V, and sees Hel running in a new direction, with inspiration from two very different sources.

The fundamental inspiration for the Ki-V is obvious when you look at it. “It is a short, modern kiridashi type blade without a lock to make it legal to carry all around the world,” Hel tells us. The kiridashi, a Japanese utility knife, is distinguished by its short, angled blade; and that shape is carried forward on the Ki-V’s 1.55-inch blade. “Its main purpose is city/office EDC for small, quick tasks like opening packages, sharpening pencils or cutting paper,” Hel adds.

Hel likes to map his knife designs onto diverse visual inspirations, from flowers to historical swords; the Ki-V is his first production collaboration inspired by a letter. “If you look closely you can find many V shaped spots all around the knife,” explains Hel. The handle and blade lines and even small top notch and jimping grooves are shaped like the letter V.”

Hel hid Vs all around the Ki-V

Hel notes that the name “Ki-V” rhymes with “Civivi,” and is also a reference to a famous videogame you’ve probably heard of. “This name came to me when I played Cyberpunk 2077,” he says. “The main hero’s name is ‘V,’ which is short for ‘Vincent’ or ‘Valerie.’ I really like how it sounds.”

A tiny flipper tab is used to open the Ki-V. It’s a non-locking knife, but instead of a slipjoint’s usual backspring, it employs a double detent system to keep it open and closed. The 9Cr18MoV blade steel ensures adequate edge retention and plenty of stain resistance, and a pocket clip allows the 1.4 oz. Ki-V to be tucked out of the way in a coin pocket or the like.

The Ki-V manages to incorporate a pocket clip despite its size

The Ki-V will be available tomorrow, June 18th.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Ki-V