More We and Civivi Releases Kick Off September

We Knife Co.‘s pace never relents, it seems. The company is delivering another batch of releases for September. New additions encompass a Mikkel Willumsen model for We’s main line, and a new folder for the Civivi line as well.


A limited run of Willumsen’s Sugga design will grace the We Knife catalog shortly. Based on the custom model, it shares that knife’s mid-size dimensions. The custom comes in all sorts of trim and options, but for the production model We and Willumsen settled on a bifurcated handle design consisting of two separate ‘arms,’ one of titanium and one of carbon fiber, held together across a backspacer that incorporates a protruding lanyard hole.

The blade shape is classic Willumsen: a simple drop point at heart, embellished by hard visual angles and a two-tone blade finish. A fuller-esque channel cut into the blade may function as a secondary opening method but the Sugga is primarily a flipper, riding on We’s standard ceramic ball bearings.


The Brigand is an original design from the We crew, and its defining characteristic is the unusual blade shape: a sort of modified wharncliffe, with a saber-style tip. D2 semi-stainless, Civivi’s go-to choice for their current gamut of knives, is once again present on the Brigand.

The blade runs directly into a thin, linear handle devoid of any unnecessary embellishment. For handle construction We gives users tan G-10 over steel liners, and is often the case with their Civivi flippers the Brigand users a liner leaf for lockup.

In addition to the Sugga and Brigand, We also announced a limited edition version of the Elementum with a Damasteel blade, and at long last the Elijah Isham-designed Aeterna. All of these knives are expected to be available for purchase in about two weeks.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Brigand