Ruike Releases Multiple New Knives

Ruike Knives‘ latest batch of releases include the P661 and P662, two variations of a lightweight EDC folder, each sporting a different blade shape.

P661 and P662

The P661 and P662 share an identical handle shape: a tame, linear design with a short finger guard and back end beak to bracket the hand during use. Both knives use black G-10 over stainless steel liners, a liner lock mechanism, and 14C28N for the blade steel. Additionally, both the P661 and P662 are thumb stud only knives; no flippers in sight here.

It’s the changes in blade shape that create the difference between the two releases. The P661 has a flat ground drop point blade, almost reminiscent of bushcraft-style blades, while the P662 brings a wharncliffe-style blade to the table – albeit one that is just slightly upswept to provide a modicum of belly; a small notch is cut into the spine of the wharncliffe a third of the way across its length.


The P127 marries a tanto blade to a traditional Italian stiletto profile. And while it taps into that stiletto look, it is not an automatic, instead operating via Ruike’s tried and tested flipper setup. The P127’s blade length is 3.58 inches, and Ruike also outfitted it with a tungsten glass breaker on the butt end of its handle. This knife is also a liner lock, and includes Ruike’s “Thumb Up” secondary lock. The Thumb Up mechanism is located on the handle’s spine and, when pushed into place, secures the primary locking leaf to keep it from budging. The P127 will be available in plain black G-10 scales, or a version with carbon fiber laminate over the G-10.


The P851 is a line expansion for an existing model, the P852. Ruike debuted that knife back in the spring of 2018; it was an attempt at a heavier duty knife that still delivered high cutting performance. The new P851 swaps out the original’s blade for a recurve tanto harpoon shape that comes in at the exact same 3.5-inch overall edge length. Everything else appears to be unchanged, including the bracketed handle and the squareheaded flipper tab.

Recently Ruike detailed its plans to inject some higher-end offerings into their lineup with premium steels, but these inbound models will all be released in standard 14C28N blade steel.

Knife in Featured Image: Ruike P127