Overbuilt ZT 0308 Gets Dressier Carbon Fiber Treatment

Earlier this week we talked about a limited edition version of the Zero Tolerance 0450, a slim, slick EDC-style design from Dmitry Sinkevich. There’s a second limited release on the way from ZT, a Factory Special Series 0308 with different steel and handle scale than the standard versions.

In our piece on the aforementioned 0450 limited edition, we talked about the ways in which ZT expanded its design capabilities beyond the super stout, overbuilt folders that defined its early output. Well, the ZT 0308, released in 2020, is an homage to that earlier design philosophy. It’s a big boy that weighs nearly 7 oz., with a sizeable 3.75-inch blade to back up the bulk. And, of course, the daunting specifications were backed up 100% by hardworking, premium materials, including a titanium off-side (with frame lock) and a blade made from CPM-20CV.

The working finish titanium side of the 0308CF

So what’s different here? Well, first of all the blade steel has been altered from CPM-20CV to M390. Considered to be proprietary equivalents, the performance differences (such as they are) between 20CV and M390 are tricky to quantify; in broad strokes they offer comparable performance, both being powder metallurgy stainless super steels. Real metalheads may have a preference for one over the other but the takeaway here is that edge retention, stain resistance, and toughness will all be up to modern expectations.

A carbon fiber front scale replaces the G-10 seen on the standard production 0308. These days we see all sorts of wild carbon fiber options (as on that limited edition 0450), but the CF chosen for this knife is classical, a subdued but shimmering black carbon fiber. It does have an ever so slight effect on the specifications, saving .1 oz. over the G-10 options. The offside is still titanium of course, but with a darker “working finish” that gives it a look that’s both rugged and elegant.

The 0308CF is arriving with select dealers shortly.

Knife in Featured Image: Zero Tolerance 0308CF

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