Real Steel Knives Enhances Luna with New Titanium Coloring Process

There have been many variations of the Jakub Wieczorkiewicz-designed Luna: there’s been the Luna Lite, the Luna Liner Lock, the Frame Lock Luna; on top of these direct expansions the Luna also inspired two subsequent RSK/ Wieczorkiewicz slipjoints, the Stella and Solis. With such an extensive family tree you might have forgotten that the first Luna was a simple, titanium-handled slipjoint. Well Wieczorkiewicz and RSK have returned to that original version to create a trio of limited edition “TC” variations. The Luna TC models don’t tamper with the design itself, but benefit from RSK’s new titanium coloring process, and come garnished with scales sporting some enhanced visuals.

As mentioned above, no dimensions have been altered for the Luna TC. Like its predecessor, it has 2.76-inch blade, done up in a puukko-esque drop pint. There’s a long fuller on both sides of the blade, which function as the only, two-hand opening method. That’s how it was on the first Luna too, and the blade steel remains unchanged as well. The TC is made from N690Co – a European stainless that may not attain upper-tier super steel status, but performs respectably in all the key categories.

We’re guessing the “TC” in the name “Luna TC” stands for “Titanium Coloring,” because this process headlines the knives’ feature list. Instead of a simple anodization, each of the three Luna TC models comes with a unique “painting” on the scales. The three flavors on offer are: Grey Crackle, Blue Camo, and Blue Geometry:

From left to right: Blue Geometry, Blue Camo, Grey Crackle

Other than the new duds, the handle has the same simple ergos that helped make the first Luna a hit. Some asymmetrical cuts give the scales a 3D feel in the hand, and, while there isn’t a finger guard, the jimping on the bottom of the blade keeps your finger safely in place during the cutting chores a knife of this size and non-locking nature is expected to take up.

All three of the Luna TC models are limited to 499 pieces each, and they’re available now, so if this is a variation that speaks to you, time is of the essence.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Knives Luna TC