Two More from We Knife Co. Scheduled to Hit in December

More We Knife Co. goodness is on the way – not that that should come as a surprise from the always-busy company. We’ve got a new piece from Gavko Knives en route alongside a limited edition in-house design.


Mike Gavac and his custom shop, Gavko Knives, should be a familiar name if you read this site. He’s been in the biz for quite a while now, always honing and riffing on his personal style of aggressively stylized blades with rock-solid work credentials under the striking aesthetics. The High-Fin is classic Gavko, with a 2.98-inch harpoon/modified wharncliffe blade. It’s a nice EDC size, and the edge itself is very utilitarian, right down to a spacious forward choil for extra blade control.

Ergonomics also showcase the trademark Gavko ‘tude with lots of points and dips – but, again, all of this visual pizazz is layered around, not on top of, a fundamentally sound handle design, with the expect guard and finger groove beneath. Speaking of expected, the High-Fin is a titanium frame lock, and also comes with a sculpted titanium clip.


The Charith makes an interesting launch companion to the High-Fin, with its restrained design in direct contrast to the Gavko knife’s angular attitude. We’ve got a beautifully simple 2.8-inch flat ground blade, opened via flipper and made from CPM-20CV. The straight and straightforward handle needs no further analysis – this is the kind of knife you can pick up and intuitively use, even if you’re not a knife-person. The material is titanium front and back, and each of the four variants of the Charith comes with a pattern etched into the scales – spirograph or frag pattern.

The Charith is one of those We Knife Co. models that is limited in its entirety. The purple-handled model in our feature image is the most restricted, with just 210 pieces on the way. The remaining three are all batches of 300.

Both the High-Fin and the Charith are expected to arrive with dealers in December.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Charith

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