What does Spyderco do with all them holes?

Spyderco’s trademark round hole is cut out of every one of their blades. Even their fixed-blades and two-handed openers get the Spyderhole treatment. It’s a lot of holes, which means a lot of leftover steel discs. And it’s a lot of steel because they are cut out near the thickest part of the blade. What happens to all the holes?

As it turns out, most of them get scrapped and sent back to the steel companies that Spyderco works with for recycling. But a small portion are saved from the shop floor and made available for sale in the Spyderco Factory Outlet store – $5 for a bag of 6. Spyderco has also been known to send them to fans who can’t make it to Golden – via their contact us page. The holes are unusual collectors’ items and a curio from the manufacturing process.

The holes are unfinished, unmarked, and bear the scars of the laser-cutting process used to carve them out. They appeal to Spyderco fans who are left wondering whether one of their holes was once part of one of their blades.

YouTube’s cutlerylover reached out to Spyderco and they sent him a bag of them, which he examines up close under a loupe in this video:

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