Zero Tolerance Returns to 2018 Sinkevich Knife for New FSS [UPDATED 7/22/22]

UPDATED 7/22/22: The 0470S110V has arrived with a couple of dealers we so bumped the story and updated the links accordingly

Zero Tolerance is back with a new Factor Special Series model for July. The company returned to a well-received Dmitry Sinkevich design, the 0470, outfitting it with a classy new color scheme and a seldom-seen super steel for the blade. The 0470S110V, to give it its full name, dropped today and is around for only a limited time.

The 0470 was a 2018 release, a latter entry in the successful and popular line of Sinkevich-ZT collabs. Beefier than the 0450 or 0462, but with a bigger blade than the similarly stout, now-discontinued 0456, the 0470 won the 2018 KnifeNews Readers’ Choice Award for Best New High-End Knife. Since then it has quietly persisted in the ZT catalog, although it has not, until now, been given any sort of special edition or otherwise limited run.

The 0470S110V has an all black handle and blade

What changes does this FSS version have? Well there’s a whole new look for one: the titanium handle has been black DLC-coated, as has the blade itself. The black carbon fiber inlay used on the original 0470 would look a bit strange on this already shadowy model, so ZT chose, instead, a copper inlay, giving a big pop of color to a knife that is otherwise somberly blacked out down to the hardware and clip.

More enticing, though, is the implementation of CPM-110V, a high-octane super steel with very impressive edge retention – according to Larrin Thomas over at Knife Steel Nerds, it performs better than steels like S45VN, Elmax, and CTS-204P in terms of pure wear resistance. For the duration of its stay on the primary market, the FSS 0470 will be the only active ZT product featuring S110V.

Zero Tolerance has had a very low-key year. They debuted no brand new models at either SHOT or Blade, and the last time we heard from them was back in May, with the release of another FSS model, the copper 0022. That was followed by an FSS Leek from ZT’s sister label Kershaw shortly after; maybe this special 0470 means we’ll see a corresponding release from Kershaw here soon.

Either way, the ZT 0470 is available now, in limited quantities, from select dealers.

Knife in Featured Image: Zero Tolerance 0470S110V

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