Böker Golem Blends Trailing Point Blade with a Hard Use Build

We’re capping off our coverage of Böker’s fall releases with an in-house design, the Golem. This folder blends familiar hard use folder elements together and spices them up with unusual finishing choices.

The Golem combines EDC and hard-use characteristics in a solid, hardworking package. The blade measures 3.5 inches in length; exactly where you’d expect it to be given its hybrid capabilities. But instead of the drop or clip point you might anticipate, this one has a trailing point blade. You tend to see trailing points with stylized, elegant profiles, but the one on the Golem is comparatively wide, with no-nonsense edge geometry and a durable flat grind. This results in a blade that stands out, but works hard and remain rock solid in the process. By contrast with the blade shape, the Golem’s D2 steel may be less surprising; however, it falls right in line with the knife’s workhorse remit, and a dark blade wash keeps corrosion from clinging to this semi-stainless tool steel. A flipper and ball-bearing pivot provide the same kind of smooth opening as on other recent Böker flippers.

The Golem’s handle has an unusual honeycomb texture

A deep groove for your index finger, a wide concavity for the rest: the Golem’s handle shape offers no surprises. But the G-10 scales here are interesting, because they have a much coarser, honeycomb-style texturing instead of the smoother finishes Böker tends to favor on their EDC flippers. Underneath the scales we’ve got inset stainless steel liners, both of which have been skeletonized to keep the weight as low as possible. In total, however, the Golem still weighs 5.22 oz. so it’s definitely a heavier EDC. A loop-over clip, which can be reversed for left-hand carry, keeps the Golem secure in the pocket; it also comes with a nylon pouch for long-term storage.

This is probably our last bit of coverage of Böker’s fall releases. In typical fashion, the company went all-out, with more than 20 new knives slated for release over the coming months. We cherrypicked the most interesting for individual stories, among them Lucas Burnley’s Barlow BFF, the Kenshi from Kansei Matsuno, Chuck Gedraitis’s dagger-like Icepick, and the Hunter, a full production version of an HEAdesigns original (the company’s first outside collaboration).

The Golem is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Plus Golem