Bos S30V Buck 110 Folding Hunter Voted Best Knife Upgrade 2020

Presented by: Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners

The Paul Bos S30V Buck 110 is the KnifeNews Readers’ Choice for Best Knife Upgrade 2020! The 110’s moment of metallurgical magic made a major mark in the minds of many, bringing it a win in one of our closest categories against competition such as the KA-BAR Dozier Folding Hunter in D2, Spyderco Native 5 in SPY27, and the Victorinox Farmer Model X.

The knife community cares about steel now more than ever. Resources on YouTube, the forums, and standalone sites like Knife Steel Nerds give us heaps of research to sift through in forming our opinions about different steels, different edge geometries, and different heat treats.

But even before this more enlightened era of widespread metallurgical know-how, the name “Paul Bos” was synonymous with quality steel. His heat treat recipes are able to bring out the absolute best in any blade, making even simple steels like 420HC – the basic steel option for Buck’s 110 Folding Hunter – cut above their weight class. Earlier this year, Buck put a new 110 into standard production, one with a Bos heat treated S30V blade. It was the only upgrade of note on the mode – and the only thing that needed to change to make an old favorite feel fresh again.

A bad heat treat can take all the magic out of a supposedly super steel; like good baking technique, heat treating lives on the line between art and science. S30V isn’t on the cutting edge of super steels anymore; even its sequel, S35VN, is now a generation behind since the advent of S45VN. But, like the 110 itself, it’s well-known and well-loved for a reason, and with a Bos heat treat you’re seeing the best incarnation of a well-rounded and still highly capable steel.

If you’re looking for a more drastic change to the 110 profile, there are now plenty of options available, like the Slim models. But, if you want the classic 110 look and feel with a big jump up in performance, the S30V 110 is now the one to reach for.

Tune in tomorrow afternoon to see which company will take home the final award: Best Overall 2020 Lineup!


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